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Ecommerce marketing decisions are difficult. Advertising, search engine optimization, social media, content marketing — all involve communicating a message to an audience.

Social media platforms are an important part of “shared” integrated marketing.

All social media platforms reserve the right to suspend, block, or remove accounts. Particular policies will differ, but any business could post mounds of great content, build thousands of followers, and suddenly lose access to the account, the content, and the audience. This happens daily to small businesses.

Social media platforms can remove individual posts.

Creators and the so-called creator economy also demonstrate that social is not something businesses or individuals can “own.” While creators can monetize their content on a given channel, they don’t own their audience or the distribution of their content.

When companies start to think that they own social media content and audiences in the same sense that they own a blog or an email list, they risk losing control over content and customer relationships.

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