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What’s driving US eCommerce Growth in 5 Charts

While retail sales growth is expected to slow this year, e-commerce sales will grow by double digits to reach $1.148 trillion, buoyed by online grocery, health and personal care, and online resale. Here are five charts on the categories, retailers, and channels driving e-commerce growth.

The digital grocery will be one of the main contributors to e-commerce growth over the next five years, according to our US E-commerce by Category Forecast 2023 report.

While grocery delivery intermediary sales are growing at double-digit rates, per our forecast, the majority of US digital grocery sales are happening on grocers’ websites, according to Incisiv and Wynshop.

The success of online grocery will also boost retail media ad revenues as brands leverage grocers’ massive amounts of first-party data to better target consumers at the point of purchase.
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