Top 10 NYC Startups 2019 - Top 10 NYC Startups to Watch in 2019

Top 10 NYC Startups to Watch in 2019


BentoBox is a platform designed for the hospitality industry. A graduate of Techstars New York, the startup has $23.6 million in total funding and customers across the globe. Its integrated and easy-to-use platform.

DailyPay, Inc.

DailyPay helps companies offer their employees the ability to control when they get paid. Founded in 2015 by Jason Lee and Robert Law, the company has a total of $22.8 million in funding. For every active work hour, employees build an available balance that they can transfer to their bank accounts at any time.


Fashiontech company Grailed was founded by Arun Gupta and Julian Connor. The company has a total of $16.5 million in funding to date. With a focus on men’s streetwear, the company helps connect people with similar taste in fashion.


NS1 has brought an innovative approach to modernizing Domain Name System (DNS) technology. The company has a total of $45.4 million in funding. They help customers gain more control of their web traffic as conditions change in application environments.

SendFriend, Inc.

SendFriend makes it easy and efficient to send money from the U.S. to the Philippines. SendFriend puts speed and security first. It has raised $1.7 million to fund this mission. Designed to help individuals send money back to their families overseas.


Simplifeye gives health care providers the tools they need to operate like a real business, including automation tools, patient communication platforms, and integrated referral procedures. Simplifeye has raised $3 million.


Unacast is transforming location data into intelligent, usable data for companies around the globe. With more than $24 million in funding, it’s clear that investors believe in the power of these tools.


Splice isn’t just another music-making tool — it aims to be a new kind of “creative ecosystem” for DJs, producers and other computer-based music projects. The company’s social network and robust music sample library have already earned it $47.2 million in funding.


In the world of beauty, Tula is taking a truly unique approach to skincare. The company’s “Skin Quiz” uses machine learning and expert consultation to deliver powerful results.


Spatial is pushing the tech trend of augmented reality in a whole new direction. With $8.3 million already in the bank, the company’s coming year is sure to be filled with growth.

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