x51 - The democratisation of AI in B2B SaaS

The democratisation of AI in B2B SaaS

Democratization can truly begin in the B2B environment. In these often less visible sectors, bespoke solutions stand in contrast to the tech industry’s lean towards centralization.

For decades, the tech world has been enthralled by the dream of democratizing access to technology. From the dawn of the internet era, when digital access started to break down information barriers, to the age of artificial intelligence (AI)— we’ve been chasing the vision of technology as the great equalizer. However, the journey has been anything but straightforward. The early promise of the internet—once envisioned as a tool for widespread empowerment through information at everyone’s fingertip—ironically, culminated in a concentration of power in the hands of gatekeepers like search engines. Read more about the study…

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