ecom1 - Rithum's Tech Priorities in Ecommerce Post-Cadeera Acquisition

Rithum’s Tech Priorities in Ecommerce Post-Cadeera Acquisition

Rithum is a young brand in 2024. However, it comprises a portfolio of established names in software and artificial intelligence (AI) in ecommerce. The company, which rebranded in December, was previously known as CommerceHub. The new name debuted as Rithum announced the acquisition of the AI startup Cadeera.

Aarthi Ramamurthy joined the company as chief product officer before the name change in 2023. This year, as chief product and technology officer at Rithum, she will lead in bringing its offerings into its first year under the new brand. A veteran of the tech world, Ramamurthy previously held roles at companies including Facebook (pre-Meta), Netflix, and Microsoft. Now, she is entrenched in online retail — especially AI in e-commerce. Read more about the study…

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