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Ecommerce continues to accelerate at an aggressive rate, and there’s no sign of a slowdown. Many retailers and brands have shifted into survival mode when it comes to ecommerce fulfillment.

What can you do to survive and thrive in 2022?

Strengthen Technology Capabilities: Automation and robotics are getting better, faster, and more affordable. With dramatic ecommerce growth, it’s also important to have the right infrastructure in place on the back end. In order to grow strategically, you’ll also want to give serious consideration to organizational infrastructure.

Strategically Approach FC Network Configuration: If you need to deliver orders faster and more economically, take a careful look at your distribution network. Distributing inventory across facilities in different geographic areas also gives you more ecommerce fulfillment options.

Explore/Expand Shipping Options: Parcel costs are rising exponentially. Since demand exceeds capacity, carriers currently hold all the pricing power and can be selective when onboarding new volume. In this environment, you’re unlikely to reduce shipping costs through lower rates, so you’ll need to rely on efficiency and optimization to achieve savings. Rate shopping can help identify the most economical solution to meet your customers’ delivery expectations.

The year ahead promises significant growth potential if you make the effort to leverage advanced technology, approach your distribution network strategically and evaluate options for parcel shipping.

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