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Optimize Your E-Commerce Product Description

In eCommerce, your product descriptions are arguably the most important copy on your whole eCommerce website.  If it’s good, it will attract a lot of people to purchase the product. The product description’s main function is to inform your potential buyers about the unique features and benefits of the product.

So, here are the ways to optimize your product descriptions.

1. KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE : The first and arguably the most important step to writing an effective product description is to define and understand your target audience. This way, we can properly understand which features and benefits of the product would be the most attractive/interesting for this ideal audience.

2. FOCUS ON COMMUNICATING BENEFITS, NOT LISTING FEATURES : As discussed above, one of the most common mistakes in creating product descriptions is to make it solely a description of your product and a list of its features. Instead, it’s very important to understand that people don’t actually buy a product or survive, but rather the benefits they’ll get from the product.

3. PRIORITIZE WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT : Now that you’ve defined your target audience and understood their needs, you should also understand what benefits of your product are important to this specific audience. Prioritize the most important benefit of your product, and emphasize it in your product description.

4. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR TONE : The tone of voice in your product description is very important. You have to make sure your tone fits your brand’s voice, and also maintain the right balance between seriousness and engagement.

5. USE STORYTELLING TECHNIQUES : Storytelling in describing your product is very powerful.  A basic approach to using storytelling with your product description is to discuss a problem and how your product can be a solution to this problem.

6. TACKLE POTENTIAL OBJECTIONS : Obviously, your product is not perfect and has its flaws. The longer you run your e-commerce store, the more you’ll know about the strengths and weaknesses of your product.

In short, Great product descriptions are arguably one of the most important factors determining an e-commerce site’s success.

A good product description shouldn’t only list your product’s key features. It should also engage your potential buyers by communicating the benefits they’ll get from your product.

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