Amazon optimistic on surpassingUS 8 billion in exports from India in 2023 - New Technology Helps Marketers Master Amazon

New Technology Helps Marketers Master Amazon

Today at Amazon unBoxed, The Mars Agency launched new enhancements to its Marilyn Ecommerce Intelligence Platform – a global full-service insights suite designed to accelerate its current end-to-end Amazon capabilities. The platform provides the metrics that matter across four key components: sales and operations, media, digital shelf, and Amazon Marketing Cloud. To take it one step further, holistic dashboards and opportunity reports enable marketers to make better and more agile decisions, while AI tools empower marketers to succeed with Amazon Marketing Cloud. By merging the foundational expertise and data needed to fuel the Amazon flywheel, with the principles of Commerce Marketing and shopper behavior, The Mars Agency is now setting a new industry standard in ecommerce.
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