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Landmark chooses e-commerce microservices solution for Emax business

Middle East-based retail conglomerate Landmark Retail has selected Broadleaf Commerce to provide e-commerce microservices for its Emax Electronics business.

The Broadleaf Commerce platform has been selected to provide microservice-based, API-first, cloud-native, and headless (MACH) solutions for Emax Electronics.

The MACH architecture will enable easy management of the company’s multi-catalog, multi-site, multi-region, and multi-brand needs with a centralized codebase and back-office administrative console.

The electronics retailer has adopted Broadleaf’s Microservice-based platform on its public cloud infrastructure.

Landmark Retail chief technology officer Vinay Kumar said: “Our endeavor is to always provide top-notch customer service and with Broadleaf, we not only have access to modern technology which will allow us to innovate in the future more rapidly, but we will also have more control of our Commerce platform.

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