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Kroger launches restaurant supply business

Kroger announced that it has launched a restaurant supply business offering next-day delivery to establishments in the greater Dallas area.The new supply business comes as grocers increasingly court business clients for their e-commerce services. Kroger has positioned its new business unit as a supplier for small and independent restaurant operators, offering set prices and frequent delivery options for establishments that may have a hard time meeting order minimums and planned supply schedules that many food service companies require. Kroger said fulfillment services are available to catering companies and bakeries as well as restaurants. It’s offering free next-day delivery on orders that total $250 or more. Kroger offers online fulfillment primarily through its stores. It’s also building out a network of automated fulfillment centers that will increasingly handle e-commerce delivery and pickup fulfillment — and that need large order volumes flowing through their systems in order to justify their hefty cost

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