eCommerce First Page Ranking - How To Get First Page Ranking

How To Get First Page Ranking

Multiple studies have shown that web users often choose the webpage that appears on the first page of the search engine results. Some studies further show that most web users often choose webpage from the first three to five results.

Here are certain tips to get your page on top

USE “ALL” THE NECESSARY KEYWORDS : To get the most of the keywords, use all of the different types of keywords appropriately. Use them at least once, do not fill website contents with keywords.

OPTIMIZE THE NAVIGATION OF YOUR E-COMMERCE WEBSITE : The navigation is the spine of your eCommerce website. It plays a significant role in the user interface and user experience of your eCommerce website. To this end, it is important to optimize the navigation of your website.

OPTIMIZE YOUR E-COMMERCE STORE FOR MOBILE VIEWING : Most web users (about 90%), access the internet using mobile devices like phones and tablets. If they cannot enjoy maximum user experience on your website due to the small size of their screen, you will miss potential customers.

ENSURE TO LINK YOUR STORE TO WEBSITES OF AUTHORITY : Linking your eCommerce website to other websites of authority increases your SERP. If your eCommerce store is a retail outlet for major brands, you should use related words to link those top brands to your website.

INCORPORATE A CONTENT-BASED PLATFORM INTO YOUR E-COMMERCE STORE : The most popular content-based platforms are blogs and the news section. You should understand how both work and decide which is best for your website. It is through the content-based platform that you get to effect certain SEO techniques.

USE MULTIMEDIA APPROPRIATELY : Stuffing your website full of images can cause it to lag. The same applies to designing videos to auto-play. Before uploading pictures, ensure to optimize them.

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