alex dudar MpdLxiIg0P0 unsplash 1024x1539 - GOOGLE INTRODUCES 'QAYA', A WEB STOREFRONT FOR CREATORS


Qaya is a product that provides web storefronts for creators who want to sell products and services directly to their audiences. Creators on Qaya sell everything from trapeze workout guides to wellness training videos, photo filters, beat packs, ASMR read-alouds, productivity templates, knitting patterns and much more. We support pay-gated and free products, with tipping, subscription and other monetization types coming soon.

Creators can use Qaya as the hub for their business activity across the web. Many link to their Qaya storefronts from their social media bios, and showcase digital products they upload or products and services hosted on other sites.

For now, Qaya is focused on the U.S.but the founders expect to expand it to other countries soon. Qaya’s beta launch comes on the heels of last month’s announcement that Google Pay would be adding various features, including the ability for merchants to easily build an online storefront.

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