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Ecommerce Trendwatching: How To Find, Follow, and Set Trends

Keeping up with trends is the reality show of the eCommerce world which is constantly developing, gaining a significant market share, and driving online sales. It becomes even more interesting in the world of emerging technologies and the IoT.

Trendwatching is one of the most effective ways to have a competitive advantage over rivals and become a leader in the industry. Let’s hack the system of trends together to be rising stars on the verge of 2023.

What E-Commerce Trends were in 2022, and which ones will Hang Around for 2023?

The year 2022 did not vanish without leaving a mark on e-commerce. In contrast, it left several e-trends: augmented reality, zero coding, the marketplace boom, and product subscriptions are just a few of them. So let’s reveal the e-commerce trends of 2022 and predict the trends for 2023, or, as we may say, crack the Da Vinci code.
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