eCommerce Copywriting Tips - ECOMMERCE COPYWRITING TIPS


Your copy can impact your SEO and visibility, determining how much traffic you get to your web pages. For this reason, you need to do all you can to choose branding and a design that is going to be aesthetically pleasing.

Below are some tips for writing standout copy for your E-commerce website.

  • BE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE : First and foremost, you need to make sure that you understand who your audience is so that you can tailor your content to target them specifically.
  • USE LANGUAGE TO CREATE A SENSE OF URGENCY AND/OR EXCLUSIVITY : A key selling technique for E-commerce businesses is to create a sense of urgency or exclusivity through your copy. In doing so, customers can become convinced that they need to make the purchase as soon as possible or risk losing out.
  • AVOID CLICHES AND JARGON : Use clear, concise copy that quickly tells them everything they need to know about your product or services.
  • USE YOUR WEBSITE TO TELL A STORY: Help customers understand why your product or service is the best and why they should choose you over your competitors.
  • PUT THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION FIRST : It’s important that you put the most important information near the top of the page or description so they can quickly determine whether you’ve got what they’re looking for.


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