For eCommerce companies, finding ways to get an advantage over the competition is crucial. One powerful way to differentiate your eCommerce brand is by creating excellent content. So in this article, we will discuss ways to make your content more effective, fast, and easy leveraging the power of AI(Artificial Intelligence).

CREATE RELATED PRODUCT SECTIONS : By putting related products in front of them when their “buying temperature” is still high, you can gain an extra sale.

IMPLEMENT RETARGETING : Using retargeting, you can make your ads appear around the web on social media and other sites to visitors who have already been to your site or seen your ad using AI.

IDENTIFYING HIGH PERFORMING CONTENT : Your content strategy should revolve around featuring the best and highest performing content for your brand. By using AI to empower your content creation, you can continue to emulate your best-performing content while still making it unique.

FILL CONTENT GAPS : Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices is essential to your eCommerce company. Using AI for your keyword research means you can reverse engineer what your users are looking for and what brought them to your site in the first place.

SPEED UP A/B TESTING : Every eCommerce company should be A/B testing because it is low-cost and allows you to see which marketing funnel will drive more conversions. Using AI-powered A/B testing can speed this process up, which typically takes a lot of time.

EVALUATE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT :  Creating great social media content should not be left to guessing. You need a strategy that revolves around data to see which content is driving the most traffic to your site.

ANALYZE DATA ACROSS VARIOUS TOUCHPOINTS : In the modern marketing sales funnel, you will likely have customers interacting with your brand across various touchpoints. You can leverage AI to gather and analyze the content and then identify patterns. You can see which types of content are driving more conversions.

Implement some of the examples above. By doing so, you can save your team’s time, increase conversions, and ultimately boost sales for your online commerce company.

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