23 Great Brands Making Bathing Suits for Women With Big Boobs

If you’re a woman with big boobs, finding a bathing suit that’s sized properly is harder than it sounds. And for many who have D+ cup sizes, Victoria’s Secret has been a haven for finding supportive swimwear (which, by the way, the brand is bringing back). We did a deep dive on where women with larger chests can find sleek, comfortable (and sexy) swimwear. From independent designers like Samantha Pleet and Chromat to mass retailers like ASOS and Target, we found the best brands to try out this summer.

Source: https://www.glamour.com/gallery/best-bathing-suits-for-women-with-big-boobs#intcid=recommendations_glamour-bottom-recirc-similar_d2270fef-b9ba-4a52-9356-63be81f4ba23_cral2-1

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